Behind the scenes with SHUTTERDRE

"Life is music"

Born in communist Europe and having to flee communism with his family, this shaped shutterdre into the unique artist that he is today, always willing to push the envelope. Boundaries are meant to be broken and keeping a slightly different point of view and perspective is normal for Shutterdre.

This transpires in his music and artwork throughout, contrast and bold tones and multi-genre production are some of the adaptations. As a professional, Shutterdre has always been around performing artists from a young age, working as tour manager and stage manager with talented comedians in venues throughout every part of Australia, this inspired him to take his own craft seriously and explore his creativity.

His work is an exploration of his own subconscious, ultra-real places and an exploration of the unknown. Shutterdre is also a talented photographer and videographer with a wide range of experience from corporate and artistic endeavours to underwater projects.