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Shutterdre - Record label

Shutterdre is a growing record label primarily focusing on IDM, Hip-Hop, Psytrance, and Techno. A label that respects the artists and values transparency, Shutterdre is a fast-growing platform for creatives from Australia and around the globe.

Andrei Satcau-1976.jpg


Thracos is the psytrance and techno project of producer Andrei Satcau part of the growing Shutterdre label. His work primarily focuses on psytrance and techno, two genres that have been a passion for the producer. He is participating in Your Shot 2022, showcasing a mixture of his own music as well as current commercial psytrance tracks influenced heavily by labels such as Spin Twist and 432 Records.


ASOC is the psychedelic trance project currently being developed by Hayden Moorhouse. He attended his first doof in 2017 and was immediately hooked. Now he calls the scene his home and wants to give back to the people that took him in with open arms. Music has been a long-time passion of Hayden, and he figures that presenting his work to his doof family is an excellent way of giving back to them. ASOC will take you on a rollercoaster of emotion, from playfulness to fear, from love to loss. The dancefloor won’t know what hit them.


Signals from Sirius

Bored from making 4 to the floor tracks Signals from Sirius aka. Samuel Karnutsch started experimenting with different styles. He always had a second project with more chilled Hip Hop beats but it was time for something new. The idea for the new style came from a dream he had. He came to the conclusion that he wants to create more experimental Downtempo tracks with many different influences like IDM, Glitch, and Bass Music. The idea is to tell a story with many nuances in a constantly evolving environment.

signals 2.jpg
No.Seven 3.jpg


No.Seven is a diverse Hip-Hop artist and producer, that grew up in the inner city of Melbourne, Australia. No.Seven uses lyricism to explore ideas of philosophy and ideology to reflect on life in the form of poetry and storytelling, with insightful lyrics that provoke thought and show an understanding of perspectives. Producing instrumentals combining techniques from the golden era of Hip-Hop and contemporary artists, through the use of sampling and recording to create eclectic and nostalgic soundscapes.

Beat Blender

Born in Belgium, his interest in Electronic Music started at the “Fuse” in Brussels. Raised with music released on Plus 8, Minus, and Novamute, when he turned 22, Beat Blender bought Cubase, some equipment, and just started making it. Doing some gigs in the small city where he grew up, seeing people dancing to tunes you make is just magical. That has kept him going all these years. Traveled for extended periods of time and learned the basics of Flamenco in Barcelona.... music never stops in its many forms. His style became clear over the years, and his focus is tech house with some acid/psy influences. 

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