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Shutterdre - Record label

Shutterdre is also a thriving record label with a primary focus on the vibrant genres of IDM, Hip-Hop, Psytrance, Experimental/Ambient, and Techno. The label is deeply rooted in a progressive culture of respect for art, music, and creativity. 

As a rapidly growing platform, Shutterdre serves as a dynamic hub for creatives. We take pride in providing a supportive and collaborative environment where artists can flourish.


Shutterdre, the artist, is a true pioneer known for pushing the boundaries of music with his experimental, IDM, and hip-hop sounds, as well as his dynamic drum and bass productions. Behind the brand and the innovative sounds, you'll find the creative genius, Andrei Satcau.

As an artist, Andrei is embarking on an exciting journey of self-expression and exploration, having carefully cultivated the brand and contributed to other creative endeavors along the way. With a rich tapestry of musical styles and a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, Andrei Satcau, under the Shutterdre banner, is just beginning to unveil his unique and captivating craft to the world.

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Thracos is the exciting psytrance and techno project brought to life by producer Andrei Satcau, who is an integral part of the thriving Shutterdre label. With a deep-rooted passion for psytrance and techno, Andrei's work under the Thracos banner is a testament to his dedication to these genres.


Influenced by labels such as Spin Twist, 432 Records, and Zenon records, Thracos' music promises to transport audiences into the pulsating heart of psychedelic and techno rhythms. This is an artist who is not only passionate about the music but also dedicated to sharing it with the world.

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