Shutterdre is a music production and freelance photography studio, providing high-quality sound design, music production, and photography & videography professional services for creatives


Shutterdre has been operating since 2020 and offers a professional environment for artists to record, mix and master their music and promote themselves


Shutterdre offers a wide range of services from in-house production, voice and instrumental recordings, photography and videography, mix and mastering services, and album artwork design



Andrei Satcau is a producer and mastering engineer and artist who also goes by the name Shutterdre.


Combining an exciting career from the past in broadcast, events, and technical services, as well as a tour and stage manager for many years. Shutterdre has a love for travel and photography and a strong passion for music with a sharp eye for detail. This is how Shutterdre was created, over a decade of raw experience, passion, dedication, and heart.


From his adventures traveling to many places around the world and a rich history of growing up in different countries, Shutterdre hopes to bring a different type of sound with a unique aesthetic that brings forward contrasting ideas to organic field recordings and fresh production to create unique sounds for your listening pleasure. Music is about healing and helping people connect and this is the fundamental reason for developing into the artist he is today. 


Fundamentally, everything comes from the heart, and it is with this intent that Shutterdre produces and helps others to create their unique vision.

Big Speaker

Shutterdre aims to empower creative individuals with facilities to produce, mix and master high-quality audio recordings as well as create image and video content to help build a personal brand for artists